“Every parent wants his /her children to behave appropriately as they grow. One thing to realize is that your child is naturally a good child. If your child behaves inappropriately, take your baby but throw away the behavior. Every mother in the delivery room picks up her baby and throws away the birth water. This will help you understand that things happening in the environment can affect your child’s feelings and behavior. This will also give you some insights on how to support your child to change from inappropriate to desired appropriate behaviors.

There is need for your family to establish common guidelines which is agreed within the family. Through this, common consequences are also agreed regarding the breaking of these guidelines. Children must be seen as partakers in establishment of these guidelines as a way of ensuring that the needs of the children are recognized. This will help to equip children in developing skills for critical thinking, conflict resolution, establishment of boundaries and natural consequences that follow when these boundaries are crossed. Parents also need to be consistent in implementing the natural consequences as this will help the children to develop independence and be accountable for their actions.”